The Kalamazoo Foundation works with Community Members to incorporate an agency called DCD — Disadvantaged Citizens of Downtown.


DCD Changes its name to “Living Ways, Inc.”


Living Ways acquires another non-profit called “Options for Community Living”.This brought the addition of supported living for individuals previously living in nursing homes.


Living Ways affiliates with “Hope Network” and absorbs the day program, which is now known as the Alcott Center.


Living Ways changes its name to “Hope Network South” after merger with Sturgis, MI company “ARCH.”


Hope Network South terminated supported living contract with Kalamazoo CMH, and transferred assets to “Community Living Options.”


Community Living Options (previously known as Living Ways) officially takes over the remaining business that Hope Network South had in Kalamazoo County. While a portion of the business remained with Hope Network, the parties involved felt that the values of this community would be best served today and in the future with this change.


Community Living Options continues its long-time relationship with the Living Ways Foundation and My Own Home. CLO employs 165 staff and has a budget of just over 4 million dollars.

Mission Statement

Our Mission


We assist individuals in achieving their life goals by building relationships through quality services in supportive environments.


Our Vision


Our vision is to enhance the quality and scope of
our services through integrated and coordinated care.


Our Core Values


  • CLO is committed to providing our services in a manner that
    respects self-direction and affirms the dignity of each individual.


  • CLO is committed to ethical decision-making – doing the
    right thing for the individuals we serve and our organization.


  • CLO believes our services extend beyond the
    care we provide to each individual and families.


  • CLO works to create an environment conducive to open and
    honest communication, advocacy, and working together as partners.


  • CLO believes that those who work in the organization are integral
    to the excellence of the agency and the high-quality services we provide.


  • CLO responds to the ever-changing needs of the individuals we serve, our staff, and the environment in which we operate through innovation and flexibility.