Change can be stressful. Whether you’re moving out of your family home or looking for different people to work with, we recognize that these times can be confusing and a little frightening. CLO is committed to supporting individuals and their loved ones through these times of transition. We believe that by working together and focusing on the uniqueness of each person, we can develop support systems that meet those needs. In an effort to reduce some of the confusion, we have summarized a number of questions and answers that a lot of people seem to have. We hope that these are helpful to you! We would also be happy to talk with you in detail about any questions or concerns that you may have.

Community Living Options is a provider of many services, all contracted through your local Community Mental Health. If an individual with a developmental disability and/or mental illness needs support, they may be eligible for services through Community Mental Health.

In Kalamazoo, please contact the Access Center at 269-373-6000.

If you currently have a supports coordinator or case manager, they can assist you with becoming eligible to receive our services.

The Program Supervisor will take you through an orientation process. This will provide you information about the program, what you can expect from us as a provider, and your responsibilities regarding services.
In Kalamazoo, please contact the Access Center at 269-373-6000.

If you currently have a supports coordinator or case manager, they can assist you with becoming eligible to receive our services.

The length of service for each program varies on the person, the expected outcome of the service, and the funding source. In Specialized Residential homes, the home may be seen as a long-term living situation. For others, the residential placement is to stabilize symptoms so that the individual can move to a less intensive setting.

How long you receive our other services will ultimately be a decision that you make with your service team and the funding source.

We believe that each individual has a right to exercise as much control as possible over his or her life and to learn from life experiences. We recognize that there are inherent risks in assisting people to exercise those rights. In recognition of changing lifestyles and choices, Community Living Options encourages consumers with their service teams to fully explore any risk inherent in their choices.

Services to the individual are evaluated in many ways. Program Supervisors review the progress toward each consumer’s desired goals monthly, and make modifications based on the consumer’s progress, needs and desires. The entire service team reviews the Annual Service Plan at least yearly.

A satisfaction survey is obtained yearly which measures how satisfied consumers, their families, and outside agencies are with our services. These results are then made available in our newsletter to all interested parties.

Lastly, the Community Living Options Outcomes Committee tracks specific goals for the entire agency to measure our services in the areas of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction. These results are also published in the newsletter, and are available upon request at any time.

Community Living Options will inform you and the referral source in writing as to the reasons, and assist you in finding potential alternative services if requested.

Symptoms of mental illness or serious emotional conditions may appear in many forms.

The National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) is an excellent resource for information in this area.

Developmental disabilities occur before the age of 22 and affect physical and/or mental abilities. Examples of disabilities include intellectual disability, autism spectrum, or cerebral palsy, to name a few.

Fees for service are based upon your ability to pay or health insurance coverage. For persons receiving Community Mental Health Services, the rate is determined by them.

Basic Screening Items: Community Living Options checks the criminal and driving records of all new employees. We also check with the local Office of Recipient Rights to confirm that an individual does not have any substantiated abuse or neglect charges. Each staff is also required to agree to complete drug test, a physical, and TB test. All direct care staff must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Other Screening Items: Community Living Options selects employees who have a desire to work with the people CLO serves. Additionally, CLO seeks empathetic, compassionate, energetic and dependable people to work with those served. Availability, previous work record and overall attitude are also considered.

Community Living Options provides fully paid training upon hire. A combination of Kalamazoo County Community Mental Health training as well as training provided by certified CLO staff are completed prior to placement at a site. Annual renewal of training is a requirement of continued employment with Community Living Options.