Community Living Options, CLO

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Our Mission

We assist individuals in achieving their life goals by building relationships through quality services in supportive environments.

About Us

What We Do

Specialized Residential

Operating nine specialized residential group homes in Kalamazoo County for adults with disabilities and/or diagnosed with a mental illness.

Senior Living

Providing 24 hour assistive care in a licensed home dedicated for seniors based on their needs and individualized level of care.

Supported Living

Independent living services to people diagnosed with a mental illness and/or a developmental disability in their own homes or apartments.

Skill Building Day Program

Purposeful and meaningful activities to support and promote each person equally with skills that simultaneously lead to greater independence.

My Own Home

Serving individuals with disabilities and their families through assistance and options all in all for obtaining and maintaining suitable, safe housing.

This is Community

Firstly, Community Living Options supports over 100 consumers with developmental disabilities, mental illness, or substance abuse disorders.

Secondly, CLO employs over 150 individuals in direct support, supervision, management, clinical, finance and administrative roles .

Specifically, Community Living Options programming and services include: Specialized Residential Group Homes for Adults with Disabilities, Senior Living, Skill-Building Day Programing and Supported Independent Living sites across Greater Kalamazoo County.

Moreover, our staff, residents, and participants live, shop, explore, dine, and give back to this community.

So, Community Living Options looks like caring, compassionate staff supporting daily tasks of living in our group homes for adults with disabilities, senior living home, and adult learning center, and providing engaging daily activities and experiences in our programs, homes, and community.

Consumer Demographics and Outcomes

Quality Services, Consumer and Staff Satisfaction, and Community Engagement are Undeniably Part of Our Daily Work.

Consumer Progress in Personal Goals- 98%

Consumer Satisfaction- 99%

Consumers Served Annually
Days between referral authorization and initiation of services
Community Activities per Client Each Month
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