What is a Specialized Residential Home?

Community Living Options currently operates nine (9) Specialized Residential homes in Kalamazoo County. These homes support adults with disabilities and/or mental illness.

A “specialized residential home” is licensed and overseen by the Department of Community Health (DCH) as well as the local Community Mental Health Authority.  Specific guidelines are in place to meet the standards of the licensing body as well as funding sources.

Standards and Values

All of CLO’s specialized residential homes (otherwise known as “group homes”) hold the following standards and values:

  • Provide warm, homelike atmospheres

  • Are located in established neighborhoods and strive to be the best looking / well-kept house on the block

  • Create supportive environments that foster personal growth, and decision-making skills that support unique needs, abilities and desires

  • Maintain homes to reflect the individuality of the people who live in them

  • Place emphasis on individual responsibility

  • Work with people to achieve their goals…TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE….to broaden life experiences and enhance community membership

  • Ensure all people treat each other with dignity and respect within the home

  • Provide services in homes for five (5) to six (6) individuals at each home

  • Provide services in one (1) home for people with mental illness and substance use disorders (also known as co-occuring disorders or dual diagnosis)

Other Services

Other basic services provided at CLO’s residential homes:

  • Implement services / interventions to support the recovery or stabilization, reduce symptoms, restore function and prevent additional functional impairments (when possible) of the person served

  • Administer medication by trained staff

  • Provide home-cooked, healthy meals with members of the household assisting, planning and preparing where possible

  • Offer private and semi private bedrooms

  • Provide 24-hour per day staffing with trained, qualified and caring employees, including a home supervisor who manages staff and home operations

  • Access to emergency on-call managers 24 hours per day

Additional Information

For a complete listing of all requirements for Licensed Specialized Residential Homes  for adults with disabilities in the state of Michigan, click the button below.

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