What is Community Living Supports

Community Living Options currently provides community living supports (CLS) or otherwise known as “independent living services” to people diagnosed with a mental illness and /or developmental disability in their own homes or apartments.  These supports are based upon the individual’s needs and desires in living sites that they rent, lease or own in the community.  Staff supports range from 24-hours per day to a few hours per week.  Crisis support and on-call managers are available 24-hours per day, 365 days per year.

Goals of Supported Living

  •  Assist persons-served in living in their own homes and help them maximize control over their own lives

  • Emphasize choice over major life issues including, but not limited to, where they live; with whom they live; how they complete daily living activities; what they eat at mealtimes; what they do for leisure time; and who the staff are who work with them

  • Provide services unique and tailored to their needs, desires and abilities

Types of Support Provided

  • Assist with personal care needs

  • Assist with medication management

  • Schedule appointments

  • Transport to community activities of their choice

  • Assist in learning to do activities of their choice

  • Provide trained staff who believe in the supported living concept

Unique to CLS Program

  • Commitment from person-served, family / guardian and entire person-centered team to the concept of supported living

  • Acceptance of the normal risk associated with living in the community by the person-centered team

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