Transitions was developed in partnership with KCMHSAS given the critical need for a different service model for eligible individuals in our surrounding community. The home is designed as a duplex.The North and South units have 3 single bedrooms on each side with a common vestibule overlooking the backyard. The staff are experienced with specialized training and regular staff meetings to ensure plan implementation consistency as well as support for clinical challenges. In addition to enhanced staffing patterns 24 hours a day, there is the Program Manager and Clinical Director on site to support the staff and consumers.

The program design at Transitions of Kalamazoo includes providing intensive and transitional supports to individuals who have experienced difficulty in other community settings or may be at risk of psychiatric hospitalization. Supports and services are based on the guiding principles of the Culture of Gentleness and promote the use of evidenced based or promising practices, and are provided at a level or consistency based on individual needs. Services are designed to increase individuals’ productivity, independence and full community inclusion, and to increase individuals’ abilities to achieve personal goals. The program duration is designed to be short-term (6 to 24 months) and transitional planning begins as the individual enters the program.

Oakland Drive group living for adults with physical disabilities